Konica Minolta can't print orange?

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  1. marlonmegaphon

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    Feb 2023
    Hello all. We have had a Konika Minolta Accurio Press C4070 in our print shop for two years. At the beginning everything went well, but then we suddenly had problems when orange areas were to be printed. We always have a lot of red dots in these colour areas, which looks very unattractive. According to the technicians, the problem exists on many Konika machines, always when yellow and red toner mix. They then adjusted the tension settings for toner transfer a little, but that didn't really make much of a difference. Surely it can't be that a machine in this price range can't do this? Are there people who have the same problem or even know of a solution to this problem?
  2. ScottCo

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    Dec 2019
    Have your technicians check for and install the latest version of firmware on the printer AND your rip software. Konica Minolta continually update the firmware on their machines. I did have this problem on our AccurioPress C12000 and C14000. After updating firmware on the printers and our Fiery RIP servers we do not have that problem anymore.

    Good Luck