Konica Minolta C280 Puts A Crease In Envelopes When Printing

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  1. deelightful

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    Feb 2014
    Hello everyone,

    We have a few envelope print jobs that we would like to run on our printer. We've found that when we put envelopes in the printer it puts a crease at the top of the envelope. We've had someone take a look at it, but they said there's nothing that can be done. I'm sure that there are other organizations that use this printer for printing. Does anyone have a work around?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Slyman

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    Mar 2014
    Sherbrooke, QC, Canada
    Nope, there is no workaround....but that also depend of which model of envelope you use. If you have an envelope with big flap on it, don't thing it, if it's a small flap, you have some chance but no warranty.

    All manufacturer will says that envelope goes in the're machine but all mfp are not made for that. The're is no warranty about it.
  3. xfactor printing

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    Jan 2011
    united states
    Agree - the only thing you can do is try a number of different envelopes.
    To my surprise, I found the no-label $20/box peal and seal envelopes I got from rakuten have worked the best for me.

  4. OkiTech

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    Jan 2008
    Hi guys, yes as previously suggested, you may try different brands/types of envelopes to see if specific kind will work better. There are little chances that you will have that forking steadily. As a Printer Tech, it is my opinion that all the machine that have "S" like paperfeed (when paper being picked up from horizontally positioned stack, goes on 90 degree turn -up and another 90 degree turn - out) won't work well with envelopes and/or heavier cardstocks, Envelope is multilayered media and in the printer's paper path there are, usually, one roller is driven and other one just spring loaded rider and that may cause some shifting plus possible airpockets from turns... I understand that people might have different opinion / luck with OKIs but for this purpose OKI/Xante/Intec/Psi printers are suited the best, well, at least paper feed is.. We were demoing a OKI C9800 printer for the customer, running 10x13 envelopes wide side in (because flap was on wider side) It could not image to the edge but did pass and print. Generally, straight paper path is best recommended for printing on anything over #80 cover and envelopes.