Kompac Kwik Finish UV & Aqueous Coating System...Spot Coating and Flood Coating!

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    The Kompac Kwik Finish is an exciting offline coating and curing system, providing a quick and easy way to apply UV, Aqueous, Primer & Specialty Coatings to a wide variety of substrates. Thin substrates...No Problem! From onion skin to plastics; whether digital output or offset, each job will have the visual appeal, lasting durability, protection and rub resistant finish that your customers expect!

    • Flood & spot coat as well as spot not coat (allowing areas to be free of coating), encouraging enhanced finishing capability and assisting with variable data printing
    • Apply UV, aqueous, primer & specialty coatings with one system!
    • Easy to setup & operate
    • 5 minute coating change and clean up (with the patented Kompac Vac)
    • Auto level pump & sensor (Automatically replenishes coating when it is low)
    • Patented Kompac Air Delivery System provides 'non-contact' delivery of the coated sheet

    For more information write to h.cedro@kompactech.com or visit www.kompactech.com

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