Komori S840P LED UV

Discussion in 'Komori Printing Presses' started by Paul Brisson, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Paul Brisson

    Paul Brisson New Member

    Jul 2017
    Rhode Island
    Press configuration K,C,M,Y cure in 4th unit perfect K,C,M,Y cure in 8th unit. AMS LED UV system. having issue with the yellow ink is getting slightly cured on edges of 4th and 8th units creating buildup on blankets, water forms, bridge rollers etc. I'm sure it's the lights positioning getting around into the unit maybe reflecting off paper some but anyone have this problem or similar experience with this type of setup on this similar equipment and what was done to solve it. There were shields put on edges of where lamps mount over impression cylinders but only slight improvement. Would like to eliminate it all together, otherwise a great press!

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