Komori LS529 Harris & Bruno HB290 Chamber

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    Feb 2015
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    Hi there
    We have a 2008 LS529 with Harris & Bruno HB290 coating chamber In UK.
    We have had it serviced by Harris & Bruno, had Clamps refurbished by Komori, Had a brand new 10bcm anilox engraved, but we are still getting A bead Of coating along back edge of the sheet.

    We are running 1.95 stripping Kinyo material stripping blanket with 0.90 Folabase Soft U underblanket

    Pressure between chamber and anilox is 30psi

    Pressure between anilox and blanket is at minimum ( dials wound all way out)

    Pressure between blanket and impression cylinder is at minimum (+0.20 above Thickness of micrometered thickness of stock)

    Using Pulse Aqualine low curl Coating

    Is there anyway i can improve on my settings?