Komori L528 PDUC 3 Communication Error

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    Hello all grandmaster printing/electrical wizards.

    I will START by saying THANK YOU for any and all help or suggestions you have.

    I will upload the error history. PDUC 3 COMM ERROR showed up immediately after reboot. I was not there, one of our mechanics was there. We KNOW that the ink roller roller motor in unit 1 is dead. The customer does not, and has never used unit 1. The ink roller (and everything else) is deselected because they don't use it.

    This comm error was keeping them from running. However, I showed up today, and the error never showed up. The customer assumed that this error was related to the unit 1 ink roller motor. If I try and manually move unit 1 ink roller, it immediately faults out and says "Motor overload", and the feeder won't engage. Reboot. Leave unit 1 alone, customer seems to print fine.

    I am worried that this comm error may return, and not sure how to respond. I am not very familiar with komori (mostly Heidelberg that we work on), but I know some. Customer cannot afford a new motor for ink roller unit 1, NOR do they want to, because they don't use that unit. Also, I have no idea what PDUC 3 is even pointing to! Also, even though the ink roller may be unrelated to the comm error, while the mechanic was getting the comm error, all the amps in unit 1 were looking normal (see Pic).


    1) If, say, an amplifier was acting up, can you bypass it? Especially if the customer doesn't even use that unit? Or, bypass it just for troubleshooting purposes?

    2) what does PDUC 3 point to? An amplifier? Which one?

    3) The problem went away seemingly on its own, and I am suspicious it will come back. Any thoughts on how to narrow down what is causing this?

    Thank you again for any light you can shed, even if only ideas! IMG_20210818_130114.jpg IMG_1712_20210818_092920 (1).jpg IMG_20210818_130114.jpg IMG_1712_20210818_092920 (1).jpg IMG_20210818_130114.jpg
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    Im gonna throw this out there.Disclaimer I am a Pressman not a Tech.

    Not much Komori experience but have some. Those lower pictures you posted of the water control boxes (technical term is eluding me) The individual boxes with the number read out for the water fountain motors is in the right direction. I believe the problem is the communication from box to box. I think there are 4 boxes of that nature on the O.S. of the press under the catwalk (possible less boxes depending on how many print units you have) The communication starts at the delivery and goes box to box all the way to the main electrical box at the back of the press. You need to figure out which cable is bad from box to box. It looks like a printer/highspeed cable connection.

    You will note you are getting a Coater PDUC error also you need to start at the delivery Operator side I think the door by the catwalk) and check errors until you find which cable is bad. Or replace them all from box to box. I think you need a "dead end " connector to trace it from cable to cable. Sorry for the lack of technical lingo. I'm a pressman not a tech. Im sure if you call Komori they can walk you through it pretty easy.

    Im sure someone may be able to help you better than I did but this is the right direction to go.... I have seen this problem.
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    Hi what's the full form for PDUC DUC