Kba rapida 72 colortronic si function

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    Dec 2016
    I have a problem with printing machine KBA Rapida 72, 1993, the first fault has not responded adjustment of ink, they tried to reset the board VSBC-2 without results, I found a communication cable ARCNET fault, I changed one same again returned communication, I stopped the car to switch module power, and when I restarted it has not informed any central computer to the machine, he would not even start until Start could command exploratory walk continues, registry and shutdown software, I checked all a connection to ARCNET, voltages of all communication node ARCNET and are OK, the computer after c olortronic works, but instead immediately enter the program KBA remains on the monitor screen than the logo KBA and may enter in software KBA only if you press the enter key but without being able to verify what position are registry or connection ARCNET menu service, etc. please if you can tell me someone ch as soft or orders can check the connection with each node ARCNET, and where I can check the communication node. Thank you
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