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    May 2021
    Hello, I'm pretty new with lamination and I'm trying to learn if I'm doing everything correctly.

    I'm using a desktop laminator with 35 cm rolls, setting manually the temperature, tensions, speed and so on.

    The problem with the laminate is that after a while the laminated products get contaminated and show pink color.

    I do use often pink alcohol to clean surfaces and machinery (can't avoid it) so my guess is that the laminate is getting the alcool aereosol in the room.

    My question is why the alcohol aereosol or room moisture get inside the laminate ? Professional book products I compare with doesn't have the same problem.

    It could be that the temperature is not enough so that not all the glue is melted leaving an inner space so that the air particles get inside between the laminate and the paper ?

    It could be that the paper is not discharged statically so that the particles are lured inside the intersection being the paper and laminate not-conducting and hence acting as a sort of capacitor ?

    Please check the pictures for better reference:

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    Hi, I guess you are using the Aircool liquid on the heating roll, when its on high temperature, may be the liquids chemical sediments get deposited in the hot roll, and then its transferred to the lamination film and later its laminated in the sheets, I guess thats the issue, better try using the Roll cleaner, if your lamiantors heat roll is steel, then you can use any cleaner, even sometimes the gasoline too(very less amount in cloth, wear mask when you use gasoline on hot surface) if its silicon roller, then you must need to use the prescribed cleaner for that machine.
    Ps: we are using the petrol for cleaning our heat roll, but it is in very less amount, because it evaporated all the dirt or laminate sticks in the steel roll,
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    Jul 2023
    Thanks because I had the same problem with this fluid