Issue when printing 350gsm SRA3 sheets

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    Aug 2023
    We have some new media which we are currently printing on our Ricoh C5100s, however the last part if the sheet when it comes out the machine hasn't printed correctly and is smudging the print, printing is bleeding. See images attached.

    Any l ideas if how we can get round this? The default sheet size is 320x460, at first I thought the length was causing it to get stuck as it exits the printer so I have cut sheets down to 320x450 Nd have removed the catch tray and I am manually catching each sheet as it exits the machine.

    We are currently printing business cards and we are currently losing the top row of 3 cards.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. szasz.csaba

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    Jan 2024
    If this happens with double sided printing then the paper is getting curled at the edge and touching the belt while passing through for the second time. You can try to print one side then manually flip the paper, flaten by hand and print the second side to see if the smudge is still there.
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