IR c4330 fuser jams & error code

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    Dec 2010
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    Hello, I have had one problem after another since my service contract ended. I had to replace the black drum because of streaks on the paper. That cleared up. Then I lost communication with the printer completely. The box on the back of machine has an LED which is usually showing 88 or 00. When I loose comunication, it flashes FF. The FF's slowly fade also, sometimes stopping completely or extremely dim flickering.
    I kept rebooting to try to establish comunication. I got it temporarily and went to print something. . . . which led me to another problem. My paper jammed in the fuser and I got a code. I am not at work right now and don't remember the exact code. I did google it to find alot of people referring to it as needing a replacement for my yellow drum.
    I went into service mode and my yellow drum is at 400+%, so I probably do need to replace it. But....would that make my fuser jam?
    I noticed that after taking the paper jam out of the fuser, when I went to lift the fuser back up into position, it didn't align right. I had to lift the 2 white hooks to get them to close/clip on correctly.
    I was thinking that maybe there are sensers around the fuser that I might have touched to dust off some of the residue from the black problem. Or would the yellow drum being bad affect my fuser and cause it to jam. Or is the fuser just going bad? Is there anything in service mode that will tell me if the fuser needs replacement?
    I am sorry for all the questions. But, this is what's on my plate and I am doing my best to fix everything I can myself. I can't afford to hire anyone at this point. My printing business is hurting bad and I need this machine.
    Thanks in advance for any and all advise/suggestions,
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    Dec 2010
    I'm not familiar with a ir c4330 model. I'm not sure what to make of the FF slowing fading after the RIP has rebooted on its own - I'm not sure what is failing there :(
    There should be a meter under service mode that records the number of prints since the fuser was last changed/the counter was reset but with a fuser it really depends on what you've been printing, etc. Release the pressure and rotate the fuser a bit and visually inspect for any distortions / damage / crinkles / melting. In some canon printers if a drum is near the end it will cause an error which stops the whole machine, and if paper is moving, it can jam right then because of the bad drum. You may also find that near the end the yeild% jumps around erratically going to wacky high numbers suddenly as the drum dies. Replace it.
    Good luck. Let us know how it goes as you troubleshoot further.