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Discussion in 'Komori Printing Presses' started by Chapman, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Chapman

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    Jul 2015
    Arkansas, United States
    Curious about my ink keys. Two units move pretty good and almost can get all of them moving with out any lights blinking. The other two do not move like that. I can only move five at a time with any blinking. Any thoughts about this. Is it the amps or the ink keys tad bit tight?
  2. presselectronics

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    Oct 2011
    North America
    When is the last time you cleaned them? Remember, always clean one by one and reinstall bone dry. A little oil over the top and you're done.
  3. Jimma

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    Apr 2015
    Yep you probably have to clean your keys make sure you don't mix them up but normally they are numbered, personally i always use a very light grease even a lithium but if you use too much you will have trouble getting them back in square, another problem is if you have reached the limit's on your gear boxes from years of zero setting in which case you can either close your entire duct up a bit if it has excessive ink leaking from the very ends and back the keys off in the standard zero set way or shim them which i am not a fan of, or you can usually get some more movement by backing off the gearbox phillips head screws pushing the whole lot forward key by key and re tightening them , first thing to work out is why they are doing it just sticking or out of tolerance on the gear boxes usually if the boxes are out of movement the drive gear will be jammed you can also move that gear by undoing the allen key and moving it but be careful as they have a small locator flat spot on the shaft. Hope some of this helps