Ink duct roller not turning

Discussion in 'DI Presses' started by maverick1971, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. maverick1971

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    Hi Everyone,

    The ink duct roller on unit 3 suddenly stopped turning today. The problem was preceded by a slipping noise coming from the "clutch mechanism" that controls the duct roller (hope I have the correct terminology).

    I have uploaded a video of the clutch mechanism AFTER the problem occurred. The sliiping noise from the clutch has stopped and there is no movement of the duct roller. I am assuming that there is a UNI-DIRECTIONAL bearing in the clutch mechanism and this appears to have failed. Can anyone confirm this diagnosis.

    I have not stripped the mechanism as yet. Is it a simple fix where the bearing needs to be replaced? Should I be particularly careful of anything when replacing the bearing (should this be the solution)?

    Is there anything else that might have gone wrong with the mechanism?

    Your inputs will be most appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  2. Smell This Smell

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    There is a one way roller bearing inside this unit- where your red line in this picture is that's the shaft that the bearing is. I've pulled that piece and found rust in there inhibiting movement, and I've also seen the rollers inside broken to chunks keeping it from moving. You need to disconnect that outer drag bar. To do that- you loosen the allen head bolt (be aware that there is a sealed ball bearing on the allen head bolt behind the fat guide washer) and remove it all as one piece. The ducting roller arm has the spring on the top that needs to be removed- should just be a grove that it sits in. Next- you need a pair of Circlip plyers to remove the clip on the roller shaft, and the arm comes off. The bearing is presses inside the arm. If it's just rust you can spray it out with WD-40, and clear the rollers with a shop rag, but if it's a broken roller inside you can get the bearing info from around the outer edge of the bearing and order that bearing online based on specks. Tap out with a hammer and use a socket close to the diameter of the bearing, but smaller than the hole that is in the arm. Press in the new bearing tapping it in with a block of wood- something soft that will absorb the blows, make sure the roller bearing goes in straight, and lube the rollers with a good grease, and reassemble.
  3. Paul Cavanaugh

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    It is also possible the casting that the overrunning clutch bearing fits in has a hairline crack in it causing the bearing to slip.

  4. andy1

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    Hi gents ,looking at the pic you need a bearing HF16/16 before you refit the clutch part check the shaft for wear as it might have small
    grooves indented this will damage the bearing very quickly

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