Information and costs estimate - Starting a business in easy tear tape printing

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    Apr 2023
    Hello Everybody,
    I hope this is the right section (and the right forum) where to write my post.

    My name is Fredi and since a few months ago I am contemplating the idea of starting a small business in easy tear tape printing.
    Since I was a kid I have been fascinated by those mini-printing on the security tear -off strips, those thin, plastic-film strips that are usually located along the top edge of a chewing gum pack.
    I remember at that time there was a chewing gum brand that was printing a mini image of gorillas on their small chewing gum packages.
    If I think about it the applications can be broad, CDS and DVDs, toys, videogames, cigarettes, food snacks, etc...and I would like to know more to consider pro & cons of that kind of business.

    I have been researching a bit and so far I found that the vast majority of companies that print on those strips are in China, like 90% of them...for some reasons. And then just a few in Europe and in the US, but there aren't many anyway, so I was thinking there might be some chances of creating my own niche here for local/regional businesses.
    I also found that there are just a few printers types that can do that kind of job (flexographic, thermal, silk-screen, direct to card) but I couldn't find much though about the specific kind of machines I would need to buy, brands and prices, so it's challenging for me to have an idea of the initial costs.

    Can any of you point me in the right direction?
    Many thanks.