ImagePress Server A2200, Video Diagnostic randomly fails - but usually passes

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    Apr 2016
    When I run the Video Diagnostics on a ImagePress server A2200.

    The Diagnostics usually passes with the message: "Video diags passed"

    Occasionally it will display the message "Video Diags Failed"

    Is this normal, should I be worried and replace something? I'm not sure if anyone else has had this issue. Sometimes if you do the test while it's sending a print, it will say "Video Diags Failed" and then you do it right after that i'll say it passed.

    I'm worried that the Copier Interface Board may become faulty.

    Anyone else have this experience and is this normal?

    I just don't want to replace an interface board if it's not needed.

    Here is what the service manual says:

    How do you run video diagnostics on the imagePRESS Server A3000/A2000?
    Field Remedy
    If you suspect that there may be a problem with the copier interface board (for example, the print quality of output is poor), you can run Video Diagnostics to make sure the copier interface board is installed properly.
    1) On the copier touch panel, touch the arrow button.
    2) Touch the Printer button.
    3) Touch the Printer Status/Settings button.
    4) Touch the Functions button.
    5) Touch Run Diagnostics, and then touch Video Diagnostics. If the screen displays the message "Video diags passed," the copier interface board is installed prop- erly.
    6) If the screen displays the message 'Video diags failed,' then:
    - Power off the imagePRESS Server and open the system
    - Reseat the copier interface board and reassemble the system
    - Power on the imagePRESS Server and run the test again. If the test still fails, you may need to replace the copier interface board.