Illumina and clairefontaine DCP paper

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    Jul 2010

    I have a Illumina for one year now.
    I didn't had to much problems until now.

    When i print on clairefontaine DCP paper 90gr or 100gr paper my prints are just bad. Colored backgrounds have spots in it where there is no inkt, and black text is grey or have spots in that text. Other (cheaper) papers don't give problems untill now.
    Even clairefontaine DCP 160gr / 190gr / 250gr don't have any problems.

    In the past i printed 1000 of pages of the DCP paper and i didn't have any problems.

    I replaced the fuser, drums.
    My resellers says that it is the paper. With Xante it is always the stock, because it could have being couted. That's the only thing i hear when there is a problem. I didn't purchased a Xante for printing cheap copy paper, there are other cheaper machines for.
    But like i said i used that paper a lot in the past, even out of the same box, without any problems. And clairefontaine DCP is specialy made for laserprinters

    I have a picture in this post done, it is not clear, but perhaps someone will recognize the problem.

    Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.

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    Jul 2011
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    I could not see the picture. However, I have an idea what may be causing your issue. Let me know what the life is on the current drums that you are printing with. In addition, Xante has launched IQ Pro which will give you way more control of toner Bias (charge) which will enable you to print on wider range of papers. I'm hopeful, they will give you a copy to run with your machine for the asking. It's free with their new Ilumina DPP and DEP. The IQ may fix the problem, if not, write back..