IGEN 5 HD facility to Hold small print and white out text has become on or off, no low med or high

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    Oct 2018
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    Please be aware that if you're working an Igen 150 and thinking of upgrading to a Igen 5 be aware that you will not get the same quality from the Igen 5, They have upgraded the rip hard ware to an EX-P5 running Command Workstation V6, But you will see that the HD facility to Hold your small print and white out text has now become just on or off.....no low, med, or High!!! and does'nt do much!

    They make you use the type enhanced tick box and negative text/graphics tick box. All this does is outline everything including logos so if you have logos with text it physically changes the artwork to try and get a HD quality. Xerox have really messed up here and as I am aware their is now future updates to the software to solve this.

    So basically if you have a job with small text and also white out text on the same artwork you will have major problems trying to get the quality of the 150!!!!!
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    Thanks for the heads up!