If you need a free ICC Print Profiler, Coloris is for you!

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    Jul 2017
    Coloris is a software to calibrate your print. Analyse light, ICC Profile and color. It will allow you to read, find, convert and compare spot color. You will find a bunch of functionalities that will make your life easier. On the top of that, you might be able to use your old spectro XRite DTP20 Pulse !

    - You need to create an RGB or CMYK Icc profile and your Eye One Pro (1&2) doesn't have the licence to do that with I1 Profiler or you don't have the licence to create a paper profile with your RIP?

    - You need to find a Pantone Color, RAL and more ? With Coloris you can get a Color with your Spectrophotometer and Coloris will find the nearest PANTONE (or RAL, and more because you can create your own swatch Book (Colored vinyl for example...)

    - You need to control your light ? With Coloris you can measure a light and Coloris can show you the spectral curve, the CRI, the closest Temperature and more...

    - You need to display a gamut from a Icc profile or from a Jpeg pictures and compare them to verify if the picture is reproductible ? Coloris can do this with Gamut Viewer.

    - You need to control your color ? Coloris can compare colors and displays the Delta E.

    - Try Coloris, it's a free, you can download it on the web Site: Coloris | ArgyllCMS GUI
    Coloris is an Argyll Graphic User Interface under GNU licence.

    Test it and don't hesitate to send us your feed back...

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