IDEAL 4850-95 (TRIUMPH) Travel Fatigue!!

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    Aug 2013
    IDEAL 4850-95 (TRIUMPH) Travel Fatigue!!

    Recently sent 4850-95 Guillotine from Germany to a printer friend in Lusaka, Zambia.

    Machine travelled approx. 2 months in a container through Germany and the icy North Sea, then through hot Namib Desert to Lusaka.
    On arrival in Lusaka, my friend (very basic tech. backgound) discovered 4 Contactors> K1, K2, K3 and K4 were not functioning.
    The nearest service tech for this machine is 2 countries and close to 2000 kilometers away. My only advice I could offer (no tech. backgound) him, was, to secure that the Knife and Press Bar are secured in place, Grease all points, and Ill sent Airfreight replacement Contactors from Germany.

    To avoid any serious damage, any additional Forum advice will be welcome,
    as would a Service Manual or a maintenance routine to follow.