I need an online printer that uses metallic paper for wedding invitations!

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  1. girlbob

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    Aug 2011
    lincoln, ne
    Hello there,

    I'm looking to start a wedding invitation business with an online or mail-to digital offset printer that uses metallic paper (such as stardream brand). I'm looking for a 50-100 piece minimum and reasonable prices and turnaround time. If anyone can suggest such a print I would appreciate it.

    I currently have chosen Got Print as a good source for recycled and regular cardstocks, but they do not have a metallic option.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. klopmalaysia

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    Oct 2015
    We are an established printing company based in Malaysia.

    We have both offset and digital presses.

    Heidelberg CD102 (not suitable for metallic papers as it doesn't dry)
    Heidelberg SM52 with water based / aqueous coating with heating (suitable for printing on certain metallic papers)

    Canon C800 ImagePress (suitable for metallic papers on short run), brand new machine, less than 2 months old.

    Our offset presses run 24/7, except for Malaysian public holiday. CTP manufacturing only runs Monday till Friday 9am till 6pm, Saturday 9am till 3pm. As long as we get the CTP done, we could do all your long runs over weekends.

    Our digital press is located in the same office as our CTP manufacturing facilities, so the operating hours are the same, 9am till 6pm (Monday - Friday), and 9am till 3pm on Saturday, closed on Sunday and public holidays.

    Turn around time for 200 sheets on our digital printer would be 1 hour, depending on what other finishing you'd need.

    Let me know if there's anything I could assist you with.