I am a new member with a question for you all. I inherited a building full of printing equipment and

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    Dec 2020
    I want to sell all of it, and I will sell it very reasonably according to what it is worth, but I don't know a thing about any of it. This isn't new printing equipment. It's like newspaper or magazine printing stuff from back in the day. Some of it may be antique as far as I know. I am seriously clueless about it. If any of you can advise me how to go about honestly valuing and selling this equipment or where I might go on the web to do that I would appreciate it. If I'm on the wrong website for this I am sorry to bother you guys. Or if it is ok and appropriate to post at this website please advise me which sub forum I should post it on. Thanks

    I will post some pictures of a few. I'm not kidding when I say there is a building full of this stuff. I will be glad to post more pictures, or preferably send photos to your cell number or email them to you. My email address is hrobertsmith82@gmail.com