HP Z3200 CIS fully tested

Discussion in 'Continuous Ink Systems' started by cathedralgraphics, Jul 6, 2012.

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    Jul 2012
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    I'm pretty sure most people who own this printer havn't considered refilling the inks. it has a 12 colour system, with 6 print heads. www.advancedinkjetsystems.com sell refillable cartridges and the bottles of ink. it works out about £11 for 130ml, as apposed to £70 for the Hp originals. I've been running their system for a year now. It does NOT degrade the printheads faster than HP originals. I have been running roughly 20 a1's a day (at least) every working day. the quality is perfect. i usually use satin semi gloss 195gsm or 300gsm satin canvas, and the quality is every bit as good. i think this printer is a good option for re-fillers because even if you wreck the head, its cheap to replace and and bleeding the system can be accomplished with a sringe. any questions just ask
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    Aug 2012
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    We've been using our Z3200 for a few weeks and it uses much less ink than the old Epson 7800.

    With a lot of monochrome, the fun-size LG cartridge that came with the machine lasted almost until the end of the third 100 foot roll of paper. The other fun-size cartridges are between a third and half full.

    Although the HP cartidges are only 130ml, they last a lot longer than the Epson 220ml carts in the old printer.

    As for £70 per cartridge, Repropoint on 01483 596281 will do better than that!