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HP Indigo Spare Parts for sale

Discussion in 'Indigo Presses for Sale' started by Tim Guinard, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Tim Guinard

    Tim Guinard New Member

    Apr 2020
    North carolina
    CMYK Inks and custom colors too.
    TMBI Assembally EAS 1250-55 new
    power supply EBP-0030-90 new
    Active filter motor EAS-1239-52 new
    SPI-1080-52 new
    EPU ca154-00033 r00 new
    Static brush assy MPY-1212-51 new p
    Catch tray mpx-3675-54 new
    SP pipe assy ca197-00050 new
    tech assy ac closure MPY-2978-31 new
    chamber closure MPY-2976-02 new
    indexing roller MPY-2083-51 new
    motor unwinder assy eas-1024-51 new
    shaft r/w exp.-3 MPY-2317-51 new
    developer ribbon cable he-1147-52 I-21-05 new
    active filter motor eas-1239-52 new
    motor unwinder assy mrt-1222-01 new mkt?
    Ink pump motor 3140-1110 new
    ink pump base plate CA140-02380 new
    allen screws mba-0420-50 new
    pump motor wired eas-1050-43 new
    motor assy rewinder (pap er collect unit) eas-1306-52 new
    Bracket, pump magnets mpt-0534-01 new
    idler gear 78th - assy mpx-2011-51 new
    occ wiring cover mpy-2594-01 new
    b/a/k funnel holder mpy-2859-01 new
    b/a/k sun ametek guard mpy-2854-01 new
    cover amtek left mpy-2874-01 new
    cover sep door mpy-2876-01 new
    bottom plate assy mpy-2997-31 new
    top wall mpy-2996-01 new
    hinge bracket left mpx-3271-02 new
    blower 240 vac brushless145dia mfn-003-01 new
    tcu smt board ca 157-00050 new
    bearings 10057-866 new 2 ea
    slitter 10056-866 .002r new 2 ea
    main bracket con. Assy mpx-7531-53 new
    bracket con. Assy mpx-0192-32 new
    gearmotor pittman assy mpy-1306-52 new
    level switch short wired eas-1026-52 new
    active filter cover ca140-01611 new
    cooling fin mfn-3000-00 new 4 ea
    sep elect assy mpx-0192-32 new
    level switch long wire eas-1027-52 new
    filter element 3/4" black mfl-0001-03 new 5 ea
    rewind motor assy mpy-2172-51 new
    ozone filter with gasket small ca144-01030 new
    window scraper mtz-0285-01 new
    wetting blade holder mpx-0089-52 new
    Gear motor mkt-1222-01 new
    Pin mcc-2367-01 new
    Board ebe-1008-02-53-3 new
    Board ebe 1062-52-34 new
    board power supply ebp-0030-90 new
    drum separator and seal roller mpx-3731-51 new seal roller
    photo electric switch mcc-2292-01 new
    itm lamp eas-1218-53 new
    wiper 2,4 mpx-4859-53 used
    pump unit assy ca145-01420 new
    ink tank assy ser-1 ca145-00940 new
    contact rrwr, dev assy mpx-6975-52 new/used 5 new 4 used
    timing belt 142tx16 (t10) mbl-12004-02 new
    w239 cable branch front bl ehe-1239-61 new
    cable assybw297 whif d serial com ehe-1297-51 new
    dc motor brush 59501 new
    timekeeper pin 7E4202 new
    8k x8 timekeeper m48t08-100pc1 new
    encoder assy mpx-069-53 new
    heater lamp 130644 new
    sponge roller mpx-3693-31 new
    Cable strap ehe-115-01 new
    cable assy ehe-1085-55 new
    Wire cable 7x7 mpx-3339-01 new
    Many used boards and parts