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HP indigo consumables series 2 for sale

Discussion in 'Indigo Presses for Sale' started by terrymcv, Mar 9, 2021.

  1. terrymcv

    terrymcv Senior Member

    Nov 2009
    Florida USA
    HP indigo consumables series 2 for sale

    ink….8 cans per case.

    Yellow 3 cases

    Magenta 3 cases

    Cyan 4 cases

    Black 9 cases

    CMYK calibration 9 sets

    White ink 4 cans per case 1 case

    1 case white calibration cans

    Image oil 10 gallons

    PIPS 8 boxes 6 pips per box

    Blankets 6 boxes 8 blankets per box

    Impression sheets 9 boxes 30 sheets per box

    5 Gallon can Dow Therm glycol for chiller new.

    Wiper blades 1 box of 10. 3 boxes of 18

    Suction cup feet 6 boxes 36 per box

    Ozone filter set 5 sets, 2 filters per box.

    Image Oil filters 32A (the good ones) 5 filters

    PIP underlayers, new style 6 boxes, 1 per box

    Scoretron grids, 3 packs, 6 grids per box.

    1 PEU unit

    Parts…..new.. unless stated used

    Gripper clamps 5 packs. 6 fingers and screws per pack, 1 pack of 4 open

    Scoretron bobbin wire 3 packs.

    Sponge rollers for cleaning station Qty 7.

    1 ink density and calibration meter. Works great runs on AA batts.

    2 wetting rollers for cleaning station # CT245-28471

    14 Image oil filter gaskets

    3 BID motors MBL-1014-01

    5600 ink take pipe
    Cleaning station drive belts 1 new 2 good used MBL-1015-02

    Exit conveyor belt 1, MBL-1047-01

    Duplex Conveyor go-no go jig

    ITM hood seal sets 5, MKY-3409-01

    Ink density sensor cleaning strips, 5 MJX-0221-51

    SP sensor insulators 2 packs CA197-00180

    Copper brushes imp cyl…..

    CA-244=09380, qty 8

    CA244-09411 qty 5

    E20-2113-01 qty 4

    Cleaning station, used housing and motor, 2 new wiper rollers. Good shape kept as spare

    Stop Station 1 new, 2 used but good. CT245-09325

    Cleaning station motor new, MBL-1047-01 or CT297-04550

    IFR sensor assy CT254-03981 brackets, CT254-00120

    8 pip underlays no box but new

    6 PIPS loose no box but new

    Wiper blades all new but no outer box 71 blades, wrapped.

    PIP underlay jig complete, plate, roller, 2 bushings in case. CA292-02980

    Small solid add assy new w/ mount (OFEIR?) CA245-14940

    Solid add assy new CA245-28660 or CA295-07370

    Cover exit bridge PP assy new CA245-26650

    Optional add drawer Q50208 or 00455398-01

    Registration Motor assy, 1 new, CA397-03220

    Wall engage BID-1 yarden motor CT245-021102

    Soft substrate installation jig assy CA045-52560, MJX- 1336-51 new

    Proof tray rollers, new qty 3, 00372137-01 or 5697-5019

    . As you can see some parts have 2 numbers. New superseded or changed.

    Located CT. USA

    This has been palletized and ready to ship.

    Have photos

    Pallet size and weight

    48" X 40" X 68"
    810 lbs

    Terry McVittie
  2. terrymcv

    terrymcv Senior Member

    Nov 2009
    Florida USA