HP Indigo & Bodoni PressSign - Printing to a colour standard

Discussion in 'Color Management' started by S_Id, Jun 8, 2017.

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    Jun 2017
    Morning all,

    We have recently been tasked with putting a colour standard in place (ISO12647-2) so that all of our presses (Digital & Litho) are printing to the same standard.

    PressSign classes a score of above 80% as a pass.

    When running our test sheets on silk and glossy substrates we have no problem, our scores are in the upper 90's but we'v e hit a roadblock when it comes to uncoated substrates. We can barely hit 70%. The main issue seems to be in the primary colour measurements which usually score 5/20. I did manage to get these to 20/20 but at the expense of gray balance which dropped down to 0/15.

    So, has anyone here managed to succesfully hit the ISO standard on uncoated substrates? If so I would really appreciate some pointers as at the moment I'm just going round in circles.



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