hp indigo 5000 transfer ink fail

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    Jan 2018
    Hello guys any help the ink dosen't get transfer to the paper
    i have a problem before this, it was impression engage error about ADC ENGAGE motor, i fixed that by switcheing the PDB board and it work.
    i did the adjustement for motor coupling and now i have this probleme as seen in the pictures
    the ink image stay in the blanket .or go to impression paper check pictures .
    i did clean the surface item drum carbon brush in the front and back .
    do i need to do the second transfer as suggested i need to now the gap between the ITM drum and Impression drum please? because it ask if the gap is correct i dont know how to measure the gap and what the gap value ?
    in the picture there's a line bend in the blanket i dont know wht is the cause of that any explaination please
    any help will great guys

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