HP/canon weird print issue

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    Dec 2009
    Image cut off on color band test.JPG

    I Posted this on the laser printers forum here too
    HP 3800/ canon c1022 The color image just stopped 3" from top color band test
    Same on the DEMO page, looks great for 3" then stopped

    prints all pages like this with image 3"

    no errors

    Just too weird

    The Black was a prob and fixed that HV contact was too loose on that slot

    All carts good// did the swap test
    all the solenoids cleaned off that CRAP for the pad whats left of it!
    Even the one in the ETB that can cause the color not to print at all.
    ETB Good
    NO Errors
    Will Calibrate
    ran engineer test page cymk Bands good until half way gets light fade off
    PQ test pages same image cuttoff on all pages
    Checked all connections of course
    contacts on the LH PC HV board and all the springs/connectors
    Opens and closes perfect
    All belt rollers do contact the drums
    very clean inside

    This was printing full pages with just the black no working then it was fixed and ran text looked good.

    Did print full page color bar and demo but no black
    20K on total print cycle !
    Not used very hard at all clean inside office only.

    But the pic shows this Cutoff band on every color page
    Keeping in mind it just did print full pages
    and NO ERRORS at all.
    Any help Guys?

    this one is a prob out of no where