How do you get files from panasonic gs320 onto a toshiba laptop?

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    Mar 2011
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    I recently bought a panasonic gs 320 video camera, it films nice, good quality, but I am having a problem transferring videos from the camera to the laptop. The laptop is a toshiba fairly new it was bought in the middle of 2009 so it is not even two years old. The first few times when i plugged in the camera I had it on the pc mode and the computer said new device found but it didn't say how many new files found nothing happened, later on it didnt even say new device found nothing happened, I was a little confused by that because I previously had a different camera, also panasonic, but a way newer model that recorded onto a sdhc card, and when I plugged that camera in it said new device found, and then a window came up asking me what i wanted to do with the data on the camera, get it on the computer, or burn it onto a cd with roxio burn, and there was three more options which I don't recall, anyways i thought maybe something is different with this camera so I went into devices and printers and found the camera, when i clicked it it didn't give me any options to get the video on the computer either, it just gave me a bunch of info on the camera like manufacturer, model number, etc. The only two reasons i could think of for this problem is either that I used the other cameras usb and it was a newer camera, and i also tryed the playstation 3's usb cord too, neither of them worked, the second reason is the mini dv camera was fully rewound and maybe I should have fast forwarded it or something. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    When the camera is plugged in, go to my computer and it should show the camera or a new drive here. You will be able to access the data on the drive then. Going through the printer and device screen will not allow you to access the data.