Horizon Vac 100 collator problem after install of Vac 100m tower

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    Jan 2008
    Have an existing Vac 100a tower working ok but needed more pages to collate so bought a Vac 100m tower. After connecting the 2 towers, A tower on the left side M tower on the right side. I set up System Switches A tower Total 2 Order 1, M tower Total 2 Order 2. I then connected the Signal Cord.

    I warmed up the collator ( pressing start and inch button ) I noticed the Feed Rotor / Rings not rotating on both towers which I know should rotate, but the belts and rollers are all turning while warming up. Tower A feed rings rotate while warming up before the 2 towers were mated. After warm up is done. On Set 1 page, I turned on the tower which is used, the delivery direction & standard icon for the stacker. On Set 2 page, I turn on bin 8 and 9 of both Tower A and Tower M. I loaded paper on those bins to test. I press the All Tower Thickness Calibration Button, all the Blowers of both Towers were running but the Feed Rotor / Rings are not rotating so no paper are being collated, I noticed that all the bin on Tower M turned on by itself during calibration ( I only turn on bin 8 & 9) . Had to press the stop switch or else the calibration process on both towers would not stop. No errors appeared except for the Stop Switch Indicator. I then tried the Individual Tower Sheet Thickness calibration button, A tower was calibrated successfully while M Tower was not, like before when using the ALL Tower Calibration button, the M tower continues to run with blowers ON with feed rings not rotating so eventually have to press the stop button again.

    I hope any forum member can point out what I am missing or have done wrong.

    I am just thinking when connecting Horizon Vac 100 towers A, C or M, do I have to check first the serial nos. of the tower to see if they are compatible and can be connected, just thinking.

    Hear from anyone soonest. Thank you in advance.