Help with quickmaster 46 2color

Discussion in 'Heidelberg Printing Presses' started by inkers2, Sep 5, 2020.

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    Jul 2020
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    Having a problem with my quickmaster 46- was printing fine the other day no problems at all. Was going through a plate change onto another job- cleaned the blanket and the plate cylinder (0ne) is not aligning with the plate feed- it goes through its motions to open but it is positioned about 3-4 inch's from the feed the opening is facing to the back of the press- have tried to set up with two colours the plate cylinder (two) was fine and when I flipped the plate feed table to put in plate for the front. The plate went in about half way tried to auto eject itself and went back in and wrapped around the plate cylinder. Lot's of fun removing it but I did get the plate off. So I did another blanket clean to see if it would align and it still not it is in the same spot about 3-4 inch's away . Can still use the back fine so I just called it day and am hoping to see if I can get some info on what to do.