Help with konica minolta c252

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  1. negyvas

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    Jan 2014
    I have konica minolta bizhub c252 and it has some problems.
    One is a line with lack of paint on yellow and cyan (I found that I need to clean drums with drum cleaning tool which is located in doors, but mine is missing, do you know there I could get one?)

    Second problem is with fuser unit, it is too hot. As I bought some double sided gloss paper and tried to print on it, it all wrinkled and bubbled, so I went to paper company and they said what my printer is fusing too high a temperature. So question is can I lower the temperature some how or I need to change the fusing unit?

    Third problem is printing on label paper. Everything is messed up despite it is laser printing paper... Please find attached the photo with my problem
    On the right you can see that it printed more than I needed...
    And after this about 5 copies is dirty like here

    And the last thing after I found out these problems my question is could it be reseted to imitate servising? As I bought this machine used but the guy told me it was serviced two weeks ago and all consumables shows full. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  2. OkiTech

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    Jan 2008
    Hi. Your printer uses ink, not paint. You are in wrong forum for the questions you have. Most likely you should google the nearest konica minolta dealer near you and have them order the cleaning thing and look at other issues you are having.