Help with horizon vac 100 "SPF 20A"

Discussion in 'Collator-Booklet Maker Systems' started by Angel Santamaria, Feb 16, 2018.

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    May 2017
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    I have a horizon vac 100 and machine was running fine but I ran into a problem I have a light blinking on the stitcher I cannot figure it out can somebody give me dome advice other than hiring an expensive mechanic. Now on the screen on the top left corner it has a question mark and the number 11 plus a breaker was tripped. Now the light that is blinking is on the screen of the spf 20a when you pull the menu that shows the machine on the lower part of the picture under the machine it has a weird looking icon plusa black dot that is blinking next to it, If anybody can help me let me know
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    Dec 2016
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    Please check the status of the LEDs in the Control Boards;+34+35+36+44+45+54+55+56 they are feed with +24Vdc look for the
    Schematic D for his machine.
    Every Led mentioned control differents Sensors in the Stitch section, look for Loose wires, plugs, pins bend, or Dusty Sensor,clean it or replace if they are defective, look for the 24 if they are present.