Help. Konica Minolta Bizhub C759 double/ghost prints on 11x17 only.

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  1. John Rizo

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    Apr 2020
    Hello Everyone,

    We have a Konica Minolta Bizhub C759 and having problems with the print outs, with red/magenta shadows double/ghost prints. The problems only appear when we print on an 11x17" size paper but for an 8x11" the prints are good. You can print one at a time and they will all look good. But print like 10 or more and the first few will look good and then the rest will start to double/ghost. Please see attached for sample prints.

    The KM Bizhub C759: 2 years old
    Total Counter: 86,730
    The fusing unit is still good
    the 3 imaging units and drum are still good

    Did perform the Image Stabilization Only, Image + Stabilization, Print Skew Reset, and Color Registration Adjust but to no avail.

    I appreciate the help.

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  2. Biggs

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    Mar 2017
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    It’s truly only magenta that ghosts? If you see any other color present, I would look into the ITB cleaning assembly. Otherwise look into if the drum has any cleaning component that could be not functioning properly.