Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 100 problems

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    Good morning everyone we have a problem with our Stitchmaster.we have turned on our machine and a battery warning has come up on the screen for the plc Mitsubishi controller. We are going to order a battery for the machine and replace it and have been advised to not switch off the machine. We are still able to operate it but it seems to have lost the use of the inch buttons on the wired remotes but not on the main console and also the position for setting up the stitching in the make ready. We do not have any passwords for the machine so are unable to get to the computer menu to switch anything on or off. The other message that comes up says the jogging function is not on whatever that means means. Can anyone please let us know if they have had similar problems and if possible have any default passwords to try to get to the computer menu. Any help would be most appreciated.
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    Good day sir:
    Hi , i was examining his equipment.
    However i would like to know when you are talking PLC Mitsubishie Controller?
    is the control of machine or Converter Driver ?
    I am not clear about that. In the case is Converter Drive you can reprogrammed the same.
    If you have fault in the saddle stitcher, you can do it.
    But if you are talking about PLC ? is little differente, since the software can be corrupted, and need again Reprogrammed.
    The battery is for console or Monitor? if you turn Off the machine you will be lost the Data.
    Maybe you can send me a Pic, how it the controller, my wiring diagrams in normal control, say that you can Do by introducing
    some codes.
    Let me know, please.
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