Heidelberg SORD Z margin problem

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  1. imp-alahram

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    Apr 2021
    My dear friends
    I hope you can help me solve the problem that happened to the machine
    After a process of transferring the machine and after restarting it, it happened that the margin becomes non-stop from its button, and therefore all the margin-related features do not work. (such as double detection or running the machine from the leading edge).
    What's confusing is that sometimes everything goes back to normal, and the feeder starts working from its own lock and stops from the other lock, along with all the other functionality.
    I hope you can help me with some information in order to solve this problem.
    note: the margin control unit (U2) is an old model weko without LED indicator
  2. Adil

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    Nov 2021
    Hi sir.
    you're facing an issue with the margin control unit (U2) on your machine after transferring and restarting it. The intermittent behavior could be due to various reasons, such as loose connections, sensor issues, or a malfunctioning control unit.
    Ensure all cables and connectors related to the margin control unit are securely connected. Loose connections can cause intermittent problems.
    Examine the sensors associated with the margin control. They might be dirty, misaligned, or damaged. Clean or realign them if necessary.
    Try a complete power cycle by turning off the machine, unplugging it, waiting for a few minutes, and then restarting. Sometimes, this can resolve temporary
    Remember, troubleshooting complex machinery remotely can be challenging, so it's recommended to consult the machine's manual or involve an expert .
    Good luck