Heidelberg printmaster gto 52 2color feeding issues

Discussion in 'Heidelberg Printing Presses' started by Michelle Sistrunk, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Michelle Sistrunk

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    Feb 2018
    North mankato mn. 56001
    First thing this morning is, i truned on my press, i set up my sheets, did a dry run, ran 5 sheets through then stopped press, then inked up back unit made sure i shut off front unit and then i go to print after inking up and stock picks up but as soon as side lay pushes stock over it shuts off. double sheet and electronic double sheet detector seem to be working. Tried different stocks and still stops as soon as left side lay pushes stock over. What else could be going on. Also had some water leak on front unit as i didnt shut dampping all the way off at first. Only been printing on this press 2 weeks. Thank you for any help
  2. mantman

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    Nov 2015
    Check if hole, at feeding grippers is covered by paper, you could try covering hole with sticky tape but that way machine will not trip off impression so its a bit tricky, also check that the trip wheel under double sheet metal wheel is not over feed board. There is a sinked screw next to double sheet metal wheel that raises/lowers the underneath trip wheel, so if your paper is cardboard or thick enough you might trip off impression.