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Heidelberg offset boards for sale

Discussion in 'Offset & Digital Presses for sale' started by Good_part, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. Good_part

    Good_part Senior Member

    Feb 2011
    Available parts/boards in stock,good offer:
    91.101.1011/05 SRK HR1002 V.U*1pce
    81.186.5435/06 RGP2*2pcs
    91.144.5071/02 SAK*1pce
    81.186.5155/01E NTK*5pcs
    91.144.6041/04 SEK 001*1pce
    91.144.6011/01A EAK2*6pcs
    91.144.5031 ESK 001*1pce
    91.144.7021/08 HAK 008*2pcs
    91.144.9021/05 SSK 003*3pcs
    91.150.0071/01 TVK*1pce
    91.150.0051/01A DGP*1pce
    63.150.0081 DNK2 001*1pce
    91.144.8011/02B STK*PCS
    91.144.8021/01A LTK50*2PCS
    63.178.1153/A dampening roller motor*2pcs
    61.105.1011 pile motor*4pcs
    81.186.5385 MWE*2pcs
    91.198.1443 SPV
    91.198.1453 SLO
    91.198.1473 SRJ
    00.785.0017 ZSK1*1PCE
    00.785.0063/01 ZSK2*1PCE
    00.785.0406/U03 ZSK2*4PCS
    00.785.0016/04 EWK*1PCE
    00.785.0405 SSK2
    91.144.9031 SSK2-024Version

    contact: vivi.ho@sumi-tec.net