HEIDELBERG M600 CP Tronic SSK board problems

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  1. Pavel

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    Jan 2017
    I have this issue for over a year now and it seems to get worse with time:
    Heidelberg M600 "standard" with three SSK cards.
    SSK cards fail to initialize on power up. The +36V/+24V is there, but the status leds do not blink.
    When I turn on the main switch there seems to be a 5 second delay before the power turns on to the SSK power supplies. Is that normal?
    Sometimes swapping around SSK cards helps. Sometimes the cards start working on their own.
    No error codes come up anywhere on the screens.

    Any ideas appreciated
  2. CHOCK

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    Dec 2016
    Hi sir
    Good day
    You must use your schematic diagram for Power supply for the SSK (Servo Drive Board)
    The Power supply feeding this board: 1) +24Vdc(2 voltages for SSK1+K2+K3) Coming from NTK1+NTK2 Modules
    You must sure is there voltage are Constants.
    2) +5VDC for TTL circuits coming from X5 for feeding Too: SSK1+SSK2+SSK2, is there voltage are Not Constant
    or OUT of tolerance, you have problem.
    3) You must see carefully with a Good Oscilloscope if there are Many Glitches, and Spikes in your Circuit System, they
    provoke, Corrupting Intensity, and Abnormal Voltage, producing Faulty.
    4) Carefully Resolder for Dry Joint+Colder Joint in the 3 boards for SSK1+SSK2+SSK3, with a Good Resoldering Station
    good Idea use, the Station for Resolder Board of Cellular Phones, Very Precisely.
    5) The status LED, NOT necesarry are Bad, because the problem can be some IC, or Bad Power supply or Some Capacitor Bulged
    or Transistor Reheating or Faulty.
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