Hamada 770 Number unit

Discussion in '1-Color and 2-Color Offset Presses' started by TM52, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. TM52

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    Aug 2017
    Toronto, Ontario
    Recently picked up a Hamada 770 CD +NP from a closed shop. Hope to transfer the printing of forms with numbering to save work and time in one pass.
    The ink ductor latch need repair/ replace due to the negligent of the previous operator. He didn't lock the numbering unit properly so bearing and wheels & latch got worn out and deformed. I don't have the parts book or operator manual to look up any reference number to obtain a replacement part. Can anyone help? ( have a copy of the Hamada 700/770CD part catelogue but doesn't have any saying about the NP unit )
    Keep working on this machine to clean up and trying to bring it up to standard ( it'd been sit ideal for long period of time and also lack of care when they were running the machine )

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