GL540C VIMC2 Card

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    Oct 2011
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    We shut our machine down for 1 hour but when we turned it back on the Ink keys would not set, error "EO"comes up, we know that is "no response from the selected ink key server", we swopped the VIMC2 card with one from a LS440p and the card worked in that machine, but the 440 card would come up with the same error on the 540. Any ideas on where to start looking? It looks like we have established that it is not the VIMC2 card. The 5 colour does have 2 x SCM cards, could a faulty SCM card cause the "EO"error? We also have an LS840p, both the 840 and 440 have 1 SCM card, why would the 5 colour + coating have 2 SCM cards?