Fun with my Epson 9800... :(

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    Jul 2015
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    I'm having some trouble with my Epson 9800. It's partially my own fault.

    I wanted to get any comments/suggestions from anyone who might have encountered similar problems before I dive in and start messing thing up further.

    the printer is about 5 years old. It's done great over the years. I quite like it to be honest.

    Recently I left it off for about 3-4 weeks. when I turned it on - clogged heads.

    Ok - ran nozzle checks, power cleaning - no real fix. Still had lines. Look - it's an old printer - the cleaning heads are a bit dirty, paper fibres build up on the print head etc. No physical errors - but this is what you get for a printer that's not new.

    Ok - so I decided to pull off the print head and clean it up. I followed all the instructions on removing the print head from the service manual.

    Well - all except one. I didn't lift the levers, closing the ink valves... Yeah - I know - that was STUPID! I've already applied the stupid sticker to my own forehead. Thanks. :)

    I then cleaned the print head - I ran cleaning fluid through the nozzles etc.

    put it back together - it at first printed a few lines then it started going blank.

    Now the head goes back and forth - but nothing comes out.

    So, I'm thinking I have air in the lines.

    I tried to "prime" the ink system, but now it's asking me to replace 4 ink cartridges.

    Anyone ever done something similar or able to give reassuring words...

    Thanks! Gavin