Fuji Xerox C560P with Fiery - Scanning vs Copying quality

Discussion in 'Xerox Digital Presses' started by jimzenglish, Aug 29, 2012.

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    Aug 2011
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    Can someone tell me the different process a printer uses for processing a Copy job compared to a Scanning job?
    We have an artist suppling original artwork which we copy on our D560P with good results. It's obviously hard for us to keep all the originals on site so we were looking at scanning the originals into a database and printing as required.
    Unfortunately when we scan the original via the integrated Fiery using Network Scanning the quality is not nearly as good.
    Its not just a resolution issue as such (I know it copies at 2400 x 2400dpi and scans only up to 600 x 600 dpi) but colors look alot flatter and subtle color changes are lost.
    The machine obviously uses a different color look up table & compression for copying/scanning from the CCD but I don't know what that process actually is.
    Scanning options are limited via Fiery but we have set correctly i.e. Highest Quality, Photo setting etc.

    Any feedback really appreciated.