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    I'm with a company called 5Crowd -- we connect big brands with top talent from around the world to take on freelance project opportunities from the comfort of their own home.

    We're currently on the lookout for some talented Pre-Press Operators to join our virtual talent pool of freelancers who are working on projects for organizations like Kraft, Nestle and Budweiser. We're specifically looking for talent with 1-3 years of experience in a printing environment who have operator skills, familiarity with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and understand trapping and stepping.

    A few notes on what it's like to work with us via 5Crowd:
    • You'll get email notifications for new projects that you're a match for, and you'll have the opportunity to submit a proposal for any project you're interested in or decline those that aren't a good fit. We'll let you know if you're awarded a project by kicking things off in our online workroom, where all communications will take place.
    • You would be working remotely and be required to supply your own materials (e.g. software, hardware, etc).
    • All project information is confidential in nature so we would ask that you do not share it publicly in your portfolio.
    • There are no fees to use our platform, so the price you quote is the price you're paid.

    If you're interested, please feel free to submit an application here. Based on your application, next steps would include a short onboarding process including a pilot project to assess if working together is a good fit. Looking forward to working together!
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    You need designer ?