Foil adhesives for offset, in-line, cold foil application

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    Nov 2016
    Was curious if anybody has had the fun of running cold foil application on a sheet-fed press. I am currently trying to figure out the best adhesive for the job and if anyone has had success elsewhere. Our go-to adhesive is Toyo, messed with seigwerk for a day and it failed miserably. Starting to mess with INX but it doesn't seem compatible with our water fountain solution and emulsifies within a few hundred sheets, absolutely a great product if we can figure it out with the water system. We have UVITech to test yet and never heard of it.
    Anybody have success with a certain brand? If so, did they recommend certain products to run with their's? Just trying to find a product that doesn't drop foil dust on the printing blankets and transfers to the plates due to tack and trashes the unit out with foil build up. Toyo doesn't hold the tack we need for the print over application and pulls foil even after it has been cured. Just looking for input and curious as to how many others run cold foil