Explanation of Halftone Pattern 1-7 options on Fiery Colorpass Rip postscript driver

Discussion in 'Fiery RIPs' started by Jeff, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Jeff

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    Jul 2006
    On Fiery ColorPass C1 and C2 RIPs you are given the option under Image Quality -> Halftone to select the following:
    • Printer's Default
    • Resolution
    • Error Diffusion
    • Gradation
    • Pattern 1
    • Pattern 2
    • Pattern 3
    • Pattern 4
    • Pattern 5
    • Pattern 6
    • Pattern 7

    Does anyone have an explanation of Pattern 1 - 7 options - what they were made for and particular circumstances when it can be useful to choose them?
  2. roloc

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    Aug 2008
    Hi there, would it be possible for you to email me those samples.
  3. nicnaknet

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    Sep 2008
    The patterns are actually determined by the 'Dither Pattern' setting on the engine itself (found under Additional Functions->System Settings->Device Management->Dither Patterns). The engine can have three patterns selected at one time, two you can change yourself. The two patterns are titled 'Resolution' and 'Graduation'. Changing the settings on the RIP just determines what objects on the page get tagged to print with what patterns (in this respect it might have been better to have called them 'Pattern1' and 'Pattern2' rather than Graduation and Resolution)

    Eg, the default option in the EFI is 'Standard', this tags all text objects to print with the dither pattern that corresponds with 'Resolution' and all vector objects and raster objects to print with the dither pattern that corresponds with 'Graduation'. If you look under a loupe, you can see the different patterns on the same sheet.

    If you select 'Graduation' then all objects on the page are tagged to print using the 'Graduation' pattern (whatever that happens to be set to on the engine)

    Picking something like Pattern 3*, might tag raster objects to print using Error Diffusion (this is the engine pattern that is not configurable and is an error diffusion pattern), text object to print using the 'Graduation' pattern and vector object to print using the 'Resolution' pattern.
    *Consult the EFI manual to determine exact combination.

    If you generate a page containing text, raster and vector you can test for yourself to see dither pattens what the different Pattern1-7 on the EFI tag the objects with for printing.

    Note that this does make the post from 'Color Printing Forum Admin' pretty redundant, as all the samples are raster (eg a photo) and it will depend on what the dither patterns are on their machine to how it prints. Eg if both the 'Graduation' pattern and the 'Resolution' pattern are set to 'Color Tones', then the only patterns the engine will print in are either 'Error Diffusion' or 'Color Tones', so on the EFI, prints made with 'Standard', 'Resolution', 'Graduation' will look the same, 'Error Diffusion' will be different and which ever pattern 1-7 that happens to tag raster objects to be printed with 'Error Diffusion' will be different.

    Confused yet?
  4. Color Printing Forum Admin

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    Jul 2006
    Thanks very much at last for the explanation of 1-7.

    (post with raster samples of each I posted before has been removed since it was totally off-the-mark. Sorry and thanks again for the good explanation.)

  5. hstrom

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    Oct 2011
    Can anyone tell me if this manual is online..? The help section in Workstation doesn't seem to include any information on this issue...

    I want all raster objects to be printed with the Gradation pattern and all vector text with Resolution, but I can't get this to work.

    Can someone help me with this?

    With kind regards,
    - Johan.