Epson Stylus Pro 9890

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    May 2016
    hello everyone

    attended this machine recently after the client had performed several cleaning cycles and removed the print head several times, he flushed it and soaked it (he's a mechanic)

    the first page of the attachment is before i attended - i removed the print head and used a syringe to flush through with cleaning fluid, cleaning fluid came out of all nozzles beautifully! upon reassembly i got next to nothing out of the cyan (i must note, the print head ribbon cables were bent)

    i figured a blocked damper, so i installed a new damper unit, primed the inks in service mode and again got just ONE nozzle out of the cyan (the rest work fine - the cyan damper was full of ink)

    using the same syringe i sucked ink out of the cyan tube and the yellow and got the same results (same small amount of ink came through both equally, due to vacuum no more came through)

    anyone seen this before? should i replace the ribbon cables or just go for a new print head?

    any help would be very much appreciated


    p.s. i couldn't upload the piccy

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