epson based flatbed UV printer splatter/blur problem @ 5760 DPI.

Discussion in 'Large Format Inkjet Printers' started by jasonwells, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. jasonwells

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    Jan 2015

    So one of my printers, my favorite yet the cheapest is having some issues.

    It is a brotherjet BR 1800 UV based on an epson r1800.

    The reason i love this printer is because it can print in 5760 DPI (after a LOT of tweaking,leveling,lubricating, etc...), but i recently changed out the ink from cmykWWWW to dual CMYK, i cleaned the heads with degrader, replaced all ink lines and changed dampers (went from large size to small size) and more importantly i replaced the ink pump/capping station as the old one was not making a seal to the head. With the old one my prints were amazing at 5760 but the heads would clog easily as no ink would be sucked from the head ever, so id have to manually do it but even then it got to a point where i couldn't.

    So after these changes i know get big globs of black ink on the substrate sometimes and more importantly i get blurring and splatter.... at 2880 dpi all is well but 5760 is where i get about 2mm of splatter only on the right hand side of the head, like a motion blur of sorts caused by the print head, it is causing colors to get all out of whack yet i have tried single cmyk and dual, nozzle checks are flawless, head is about .1mm from print material and perfectly level, so i am not sure what could be the problem. i was also getting some low ink output, the magenta + yellow would start strong then die out after a few passes, i fixed this by replacing with new ink and clearing the lines but i have never seen this before, it was fine at 2880.

    If anybody has experienced this or can help please let me know, this just started today, i know i should probably ask support about this but the support staff i deal with has the knowledge of a consumer level best buy HP representative. so this place is my last resort for help, i have done everything on my own for most of my printers/presses but this time i am hoping i can save some time by asking here.

    Thank you for reading!
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    Apr 2016
    Have you solve this problem yet? My brotherjet is blurry also