Ecosys FS-3540MFP Stop printing or delay printing

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  1. Taner

    Taner New Member

    Jun 2017
    Hello, I am in trouble with Ecosys FS-3540MFP!
    The case is related with that the printer can't print in real time, the device start to printing ten minutes later with delay, I see the printing task in device in printer settings in computer and they are wait and wait and wait and nothing, delay after delay.

    I don't have errors and indications for problems in device.

    I can fix the problem every time with one restart of the computer and few days the printer works fine but the problem coming back again and I have to reboot computer again to fix the problem.. and it is not general solution of my case.

    Do you have ideas what's wrong with Ecosys FS-3540MFP device?
    What can I do and where is a problem?
    Now I will try to fin technical documentation of device and I will start to read it.

    The first thing what is coming in my mind is the RAM memory of device maybe is low but I am not sure maybe one upgrade to more RAM will solve the problem but I want to hear your opinion.

    I will be happy to see your answers and your experience.

    Thanks and regards!