Dye or Pigment ink for a book dust jacket?

Discussion in 'Medium Format Inkjet Printers' started by microprint314, Feb 12, 2020.

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    For printing a dust jacket for a hard cover book, is dye ink or pigment ink better? I find this confusing based on what I've read. For example, dye inks are vulnerable to moisture and thus smudging. But pigment inks - though not as vulnerable to moisture - are more vulnerable to scratching.

    So...what gives?

    I'm looking to purchase a medium format inkjet largely for this purpose and am trying to get some advice on this. Dust jackets need to be as durable as possible and ideally with a little moisture resistance. And not to mention they need to look beautiful.

    Maybe there's a middle ground where a printer mfg makes dye inks that are more durable than another mfg, and so they are good enough for this type of project?

    Thanks in advance.