Duplo 4000 issue

Discussion in 'Collator-Booklet Maker Systems' started by Mission Printers, Sep 27, 2021.

  1. Mission Printers

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    Sep 2021
    We just picked up a Duplo 4000 on an auction for a song. Listed as being in perfect working order.

    Got it into our building, and it has some small issues related to shipping - a couple of paper trays broke, but in digging into the machine, they were broken before and repaired with JB Weld at some point.. fixable, not a big deal. It's missing the bridge between the two towers, which leaves us with just 1 tower for the moment until we can figure that out with the seller....

    We've run into a bit of a snag in setting things up though, wondering if anyone has any ideas.

    We can collate and deliver to the right side, into the offset stacker there. Works perfect. We can do a setup cycle and it will deliver to the left side, to the lifting unit, and then into the lifting unit reject tray.

    If we try to run a job, the tower will cycle on, and will cycle on the DBM400 and DBM400T, bring the paper trays up, and then just sit there. It never starts feeding paper.

    Anyone experienced anything like this before and might have some insight? We've contacted Duplo directly, and they're supposed to have their local technician contact us, but we haven't heard from him yet, so we're searching for answers on our own while we wait.
  2. Fts

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    Oct 2021
    Check if the main belt from the operation side is loading and rotate all the clutches.