Drain cycle issue in vessel

Discussion in 'HP Indigo Digital Presses' started by Whale kid, Jun 6, 2024.

  1. Whale kid

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    Jun 2024
    Having constant issues with an error popping up “Drain cycle issue in vessel. Refer to Dynamic Flow System Troubleshooting Document”

    Press goes to standby and initially I could just get ready again and continue printing, however it’s getting far more frequent now with it popping up every few minutes

    I cleaned the two floater bobs and it worked for just over an hour before it happened again

    I don’t have access to HP support so I found this forum and looking for help here so any advice would be extremely appreciated
  2. Impredisa

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    Jul 2021
    El Salvador
    I sent you a message, it may be a problem with the drain solenoid. If you already cleaned the vessel and floats, I suggest to do the following steps:

    1- Check your IO and filters, are your filters new or empty? Is the Imaging Oil clean or dirty or is it new?
    2- Check your cleaning station, inspect your rollers are in good condition, no ink remains or elements blocking the flow through the CS, also take a look at all of the hoses aren't clogged
    3- After doing the above I would do a Cleaning Station Flow Calibration
    4- And after these steps, check the vessel drain solenoid and the valve position, if remains open, then all the imaging oil will drain, preventing the DFS to measure the IO drain flow
    5- after fixing I would do another CS flow calibration
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    Oct 2019
    I can identify your problem by TeamViewer session.